A Lease is a document of agreement by which a Landlord grants a Tenant the right to occupy a property, usually in return for a capital payment or rent. The lease is usually granted for a fixed and specified time.

A lease normally requires a plan of the property or (LEASE PLAN) showing the perimeter of the leased area and also communal areas within the premises.

Land Registry requirements states that.

* The plan must be drawn true to an appropriate scale (metric only), have its actual scale shown and show its orientation.

* Any dimensions shown must be in metric units, to two decimal places.

* The plan must show sufficient detail to enable the land in the lease (including any garage, bin store or garden ground) to be identified on the Ordnance Survey map and, where appropriate, the landlord’s title plan.

* The property must be clearly identified by suitable colouring, edging or hatching.

* Edgings should not be so wide as to obscure any other detail on the plan.

* Different floor levels must be identified both on the plan as well as in the verbal description in the lease.

* Disclaimer clauses or notes that the plan is not to scale or is for identification purposes only must not be used; applications based on such plans may be rejected.

* Colour references on the plan must match the text of the deed.

* The plan must be signed by the landlord.

* The copy lease must contain an exact copy of the original plan.

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